GreyIggy brand

The GreyIggy brand was created with italian greyhounds in mind, around which our lives have revolved for over a dozen years. Thanks to the experience we have gained over all these years with italian greyhounds, the cut of our clothes is refined in every detail and adapted to their body structure. We focus primarily on comfort and functionality. We use proven materials, bearing in mind that the skin of italian greyhounds is delicate and sensitive.

Each new idea is first checked and tested on our dogs, and only after their approval is it introduced for sale. So that the offered product is of the highest quality.

Our products

Our offer is constantly expanding. We will gradually implement new ideas and projects.
Some products will be available while supplies last, and some will be on permanent sale.

We encourage you to follow the "Sale" page, where from time to time the last pieces of some of our clothes will appear, as well as colors and patterns that will not be available in the regular offer.